Rules! Rules! Rules!


Rules matter especially for us moms!

Yes, I got this mug the other day and put in the middle of the kitchen island table for all “people” in this house  to see!

Did all the boys miss it? YES! Duh! Men don’t look at thing like this. Did I tell them to look at it? Yes!

What was the response of the people in my household?

Well, some made different faces and my hubby, giggled. Okay, if you were me, which one of these people you would ask, “What do you mean?” I am sure you say, “Your husband” especially if you are a woman.

Yep! I asked him, “Why are you giggling?” I mean, I was ready to explain if anything was not clear for him.

But hey, my honey-bun knows how to deal with this “tiger.” He quickly said, “No, ma’am! Everything is crystal clear.” I said, “Well,” followed by a big sigh!

Why do we moms want to rule in our house?

Read Proverbs 31. We want to rule our “kingdom” because we are the only ones who know how to. Isn’t that a simple and easy to understand reason? I think it is. For example, we want our kitchen to be neat and clean ALL THE TIME! Who can make that happen? Only us!

So, give a way so we can rule our kingdom!

Some may ask, “But few days ago you said that husbands were the head of their house. And now you are saying this. Aren’t you contradicting yourself?”

Do you think anybody will miss the above message to the point of mixing up those two major messages?

Nah! I don’t think so. ///