What Other Choice Do I Have?

This beautiful girl you’re looking at is my only daughter, Lydia Banko.

Yes, she graduated from high school! Praise God!

Lydia is not only my daughter but she is also my good friend who listens to me and cries with me when I am sad. She has this magical way of encouraging and comforting me. She is my cheerleader in the work of the Kingdom of God. She is the girl I always run to when I need prayer for anything. She has a kind of faith that I always desire to have.

I am very happy that she graduated from high school, heading to University of Maryland to pursue her dreams.

But I have to be honest here (if the truth hasn’t already spilled on my note) that I am a bit sad. Only mothers who have sent their kids, especially their daughters, to college can understand me.

You see, here in America, when your child heads to college, it means he/she is heading out of your home, never to come back. So, I’m very sad but I try not to show it. I have to smile and laugh, am I right? Yes, I have to!

What other choice do I have?


As I sent my eldest son out of this house a couple years ago, I have to do it again. At least, I still have my little one but hey, he too will spread his wings and fly away after a couple years.

Who do I have left then?

My Honey-bun, my hubby! The man I had, before these three musketeers invaded my life!

Congratulations to you, my only precious daughter! ///