Thank You!

“Thank you!” to all fallen soldiers who had made this great and beautiful nation, the United States, what it is today, the land of the free and home of the brave!

Thank you!
You’ve given the ultimate gift to all of us, your life! So, thank you!
Even if none of them can read this and say something like, “My pleasure,” I wanna pass on this message to their parents, siblings, relatives and friends.
Yes, me, an immigrant, migrated from my beautiful country Ethiopia, lives in this great nation, America, because many men and women fought to make this land the land of opportunity for all!
Yes, amen, may America become great again but not without her moral values and constitutions that her founding fathers left for her!
I also want to honor and salute all military men and women in America and outside America who are standing up on guard, in service as we speak, day and night so we the citizen of this great nation live in safety and peace.
Thank you!
Yes, In God We, “Americans,” Trust! Amen! May America trust in God alone forever! ///