“Are You Interested for an Affair?”

I just came back from the nearby mall. Don’t you love to go to the mall? I do! I sometimes go there just to walk and do window shopping. I am sure many of you women are like me. If not, you are lucky and if you are married, your husband is blessed to have you for you save lots of money.

Anyways, as I left the mall and walked to my car, a guy walked into the mall.

It is kind of a culture here to exchange a quick smile with people who pass you by, so, we both exchanged a quick smile.

Then he immediately said, “Uhhh, are you married?

This is a very common question some guys ask, sometimes to crack a conversation but I mean, we both were walking in a opposite direction.

So, I said to myself, “Crazy,” and continued walking ignoring him thinking that he would just walk away.

Would he? No! Instead he stood there and asked me again in a firm voice, “Are you married?”

Without turning to him, I said, “Yes, I am.” I proceeded to my car.

Guess what he said next?

“Are you interested for an affair?”

Yeah, just like that, he asked me if I was interested for an affair!

I ignored him, got into my car and drove off.

While I was thinking about the incidence, this came to my mind. You know, I don’t hate these kinds of men. They are straightforward. Right off the bat, they tell you their intention, what they want from you.

They don’t say, “You are so beautiful! Your husband is lucky to have you. I am sure he treats you like a princess! Of course you deserve to be treated as one!”

This is the Eden Garden Satan himself in a human body!

Do you know why?

Well, he comes like a person who genuinely cares for you and admires your beauty and drops a seed of doubt in your heart about the condition of your marriage. Then you go home and look at yourself in the mirror and ask, “I am definitely beautiful and I deserve to be treated like a princess by my husband. Let me see, does he really treat me like a princess?”

I mean, who would, from all husbands, pass this exam? No one! So, the woman looks for someone who can treat her like a princess and duh, behold, who fits that profile? The guy who suggested that she has to be treated like a princess. Boom! “Fifty Shades of Gray” in the making!

One married woman who found herself in an extramarital affair says to me, “Missy, my husband doesn’t treat me well. He doesn’t pay attention to me. He’s long forgotten to admire and appreciate me. I am an invisible person for him. But this guy that I met recently in my church, he makes me feel like a woman all over again. He always says, I deserve to be treated like a princess. You know what I mean?”

“No, I don’t know what you mean,” is my obvious answer.

In the first place, who are we to be treated by our husbands like a princess? Do we treat them like a prince? If we do, we have clear “evidence” here that demands a verdict. If not, we’re better of working on our “garden,” for life usually gives to us what we are willing to give in the first place, just like boomerang. ///