Am I Blessed or What?

You know, when something good happens to me, I always look up and say, “Abba, is that You? Is this from You?”

And I love rejoicing before my Heavenly Father. Oh, yes, I do rejoice before God, my Father.

After I listened to Dr. Abiy Ahmed’s 365 days speech, I looked up and said to my Father, “Abba, is this one of those Your blessings You pour out on me?”

Am I blessed or what for me to be alive at this time to see Dr. Abiy and hear his speech!

Oh, Dr. Abiy, may you live forever! May you be the Prime Minister of Ethiopia forever! May God make your days many! May your seed take over the land! May God help you see the fruit of your hard labor! May the God who sees your heart repay you for all you did for Ethiopia and Ethiopians!

No, we may not know; or some may not want to know, but God knows! God sees you and hears you, Dr. Abiy. It is God that you fear, not mere man. Oh, how I wish to learn that from you!

May the God of the Universe, the One you fear, love and worship, protect you and all that belongs to you!

Who can keep a good man down??? Who???? No one! ///