I won’t change my mind to make Ethiopian Airlines my first choice of airlines!

Yes, the recent airplane crash is sad, very sad; but that doesn’t mean that Ethiopian Airlines is a bad Airlines. It just means that the manufacturer of Boeing 737 Max 8 has to stop manufacturing those planes. Period!  Continue reading What?

“For the Man the King Delights to Honor”

You know, as a teacher of sexual purity and marriage, I so far talked to many young people from all walks of life regarding dating, sex and marriage and this is the common comment I get: “I love your teaching and the way you explain it but honestly speaking, nobody is living to the standard of God’s word. I mean, look no further. Look in your church. Who will wait until marriage these days? Whether a person is a son or daughter of a pastor, or she/he is a pastor themselves, they don’t wait for marriage. So, don’t you get discouraged to still speak about sexual purity, virginity and all that?” Continue reading “For the Man the King Delights to Honor”

Let Go!

I don’t know about you but for me, this is the one solution I find for myself to live a quiet and peaceful life:
To let life go and let God be God in all.
You know, I am a kind of person who doesn’t appreciate surprise that much. I can only put one foot before the other with a specific plan ahead of time with a specific allotted time for each task and step. If something gets misaligned from my plan, my brain starts to hurt and I cannot think straight. 

Continue reading Let Go!