Today Is Our Anniversary!

Praise God!

Thank you everybody who’ve congratulated us for our 22 anniversary. I read each and everybody’s comment on our picture I posted on March 25.

Yes, my husband and I are celebrating our anniversary today. Only because of the love, grace and mercy of God helped us to see this day. What can I say except to shout, “Hallelujah!”

I am very happy that throughout these long years, my kind husband didn’t even thing to “D” me.

Isn’t he a nice guy? I am telling you he is. I thank God that He gave me Berhan as a husband.

In this video, this the advice I gave to wives and husbands:

For both: Have a plan how to fight in a healthy and constructive way. You cannot have “fight-free” marriage but a marriage who can handle conflicts in a mature way, a way that actually builds your marriage, not destroy

For wives: Always strive to respect and honor your husband. Listen what he has to say. Give a way so he can lead. Lean on God and trust Him so that He alone enables you to trust your husband.

For husbands: Always strive to love your wife. Only with love you can live with her peacefully and joyfully. To love her you have to die, brother! You cannot fight for your rights and privileges and at the same time, love your wife. That is impossible. You have to be willing to die for yourself first.

For both: You cannot be the spouse God calls you to be unless you are totally dependent on God. Seek His face and have intimate relationship with the Word of God. Find materials to read and learn. There is always a room for growth for all of us.

Three books I recommended:

“Love and Respect,” by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs (I recommend this book for both wives and husbands)

“Men Who Love Fierce Women,” by Leroy and Kimberly Wagner (I recommend this for all husbands)

“Fierce Women,” by Kimberly Wagner (I recommend this for all wives). ///