I May Kidnap Him

A man may attract any woman with his charm and dashing attitudes. 

But a man with a praiseworthy character can successfully attract and make a God knowing and fearing woman his forever. 

Huh? How? 

A God fearing woman wants to know whether the man who is pursuing her for a long term relationship is a real man or not. 

A real man makes a real woman to feel emotionally, mentally and spiritually safe whenever she is with him. 


Well, his praiseworthy character includes being responsible and accountable for what he does and says. 

“In that case, a God fearing single woman has no hope of getting married these days because nobody can find a man with that specific character?”

She will because she seriously takes and keeps this one biblical advice to heart:

“Promise me, O women of Jerusalem, not to awaken love until the time is right.” (Song of Solomon 8:4 NLT)

So, she does not kiss a guy on his lips nor sleeps with him to know that the man is a real deal or not. Instead, she slowly studies him if in fact he fears God. 

A man who fears God does not offer his lips and body to a woman before marriage. 

Rather he offers his heart and character. Then he asks her hand for marriage. 

I mean, I will be the the first one to marry him but I think I may kidnap him before he proposes to me. 

Knucklehead! What am I saying here? I am married! I forgot! 


Nah! How can I forget while my eyes and heart are on my husband, a God-fearing and honoring man! No, I can’t! ///