Happy President’s Day😔

Yeah, President’s Day is a federal holiday here in the US. That means, my honey-bun and kids are home. 
But – – – 😢I am not😪.
I am still in Allen, TX and I won’t be home until late at night. 

It is okay. There is always another day, praise God! 
So, for those of you who are enjoying this holiday today, happy President’s Day to you all!
For those of you, today is another normal day, happy Monday to you all! 
May God bless this great nation, United States of America! May God bless all Americans! May God bless our President, President Donald Trump, First Lady, his families and his whole administration and leaders who are leading this great country! May God use all the leaders of America for God’s will be done on this nation as it is in heaven! Amen!
Today early in the morning, the Bible chapter I studied was 2 Samuel 9. I know, I read this chapter many times but this morning, it was as if I read it for the first time. King David’s faithfulness to show kindness and mercy to his deceased friend Jonathan, Saul’s son, resonated with me in a special way.
Who was a witness when David and Jonathan made covenant to have peace, kindness and charity between them? No one except God! 
Guess who David fears in his life? 
No one but God! (Yes, David was afraid of Saul and others but at the end of his life, it came to the point that David was afraid of no one but God.)
So, David kept his promises even after Jonathan’s death and showed grace and mercy to the only remaining child of Jonathan, Mephibosheth who was lame in both feet. 
Do you know the meaning of Mephibosheth?
In Hebrew Mephibosheth is “Mefivoshet” means “from the mouth of shame” or “from the mouth of god Bashtu.”
I mean who would name his/her son as Mefivoshet? 
But I saw my name being as Mephibosheth, saved “from the mouth of shame,” by the slain Lamb, Jesus Christ. 
Yes, the Almighty God, God the Father, called me to sit and eat at His table, not because I was worthy to be at His table, but because of the covenant He made with His Son, Jesus Christ:
“See, I lay in Zion a stone that causes people to stumble
    and a rock that makes them fall,
    and the one who believes in him will never be put to shame.” (Romans 9:33)
Wow! Because of what Jesus Christ did for me on the cross, while I was “lame in both my feet” and “swallowed up” by the shame of sin, God called me to His table as if I was His daughter.
Yes, I was Mephibosheth! But now I am a daughter of God, sitting at the table of the King of kings and Lord of lords!
Oh, LORD Jesus! How can I thank You enough! How!
Thank You Abba Father for giving me  Your one and only Son, Jesus Christ, to die on the cross for all my sins so You can adopt me as Your child. Thank You for making me Your child, Abba.
Abba, open the spiritual eyes of those who are unable to see this truth. I pray this in the name of Jesus, Amen! ///