Joseph Said “No” to Free Sex. How?

One very important thing we need to teach our little kids:

To our girls: We tell them how fearfully, wonderfully and beautifully God had created them. When a little girl hears this from her parents, especially from the first man she comes to know, her father, she won’t go around and look for it in all wrong places. A girl is created by God to receive love, to be admired of her beauty. That is why God commands husbands to love their wives. (Ephesians 5:21-31) This is found to be very effective method to decrease the number of teen pregnancy in America.

To our boys: We tell them that God created a hero in them and this loving God Himself is always with them to bring out that hero that lives in them. Along this lesson, we teach them how to wait for the right time to get pleasure. To eat a chocolate cookie snack, giving them a time and telling them to wait until that certain time teaches them what psychologists called “delayed gratification.” After they wait to eat that chocolate and wait patiently until that certain and limited time, we give them the chocolate and some kind of reward so they give value to “waiting for the right time.”

This seemingly simple lesson teaches our boys to master the spirit of “self-control” which is something we all are given by God but we need to practice it to become good at it. (2 Timothy 1:7, 1 Timothy 4:8)

If you want to read the story of a young man who mastered the spirit of self-control, read Genesis 37 -50. I am very proud of you all especially those of you who are staying at home for your kids.

Happy parenting to you all, young and brave parents! ///