If You Do

Don’t we look cute and lovely or what!

This is me and the handsome man is my boy, Abel Banko😎!
He is trying to cover his mama’s “flabby belly”😔
But I guess he did a very good job, don’t you think so? I mean, I look like I have a flat belly😎. Well, I am flattering myself.
When I looked at this picture that my son and I took last weekend, you know what came into my mind? I said, I have to post this picture on the page to create in all young people’s heart and mind a desire to get married and have kids in their twenties. So, I decided to post it and here it is.
Well, if, because of this picture, I get to convince even one young man to get married and have kids in his twenties, I can conclude that the mission of this post is accomplished.
By the way, this handsome young man is 20-years old. As I encourage you to get married in your twenties, I began to plant the seed of this same message in Abel’s mind and heart since he was two. I hope and pray that that seed took root and now, it is time for me to enjoy the fruit.
One evening, when Abel was six years old, I put him to bed and knelt down by his bedside to pray. As I always do, I began to talk to him. For some reason, I began my talk by asking him a question: “Abel, who do you love first?”
Looking a bit excited, he asked, “You mean now?”
I didn’t know what he meant but rolling my eyes, I said, “Duh! Yes, now.”
He replied, “Now, I love my mom first but when I get married, I will love my wife first, then my mom.”
I gave him high five and we prayed together, then I turned off the light and left his room. Heading to my bedroom, I thanked God for his answer but deep down in my heart, I said, “Really? I am working my butt off here to raise you up, you plan to grow up and drop me just like that for another woman?”
But I smiled to myself knowing that that is the fact of life that I need to come to terms with.
And I am not sure but these days, it seems like, I am already pushed down to the second place. My question is who is this young lady who took the first place? I mean, I didn’t say anything. I am just asking. Please don’t tell him that I asked this question. If you do, I’ll😲🙊😢😞 ///

P. S. Photo Credit: Zerihun Adera – (240) 280-4180