Advice to Singles

For those of you who cannot understand Amharic, this is what I am saying in this video:

If you are single and want to get married, first know that your desire to get married didn’t come from you or anybody else but from God. It is good to know that.

Then while you desire to get married, it is good to prepare yourself for that chapter of life by praying and studying your Bible. If marriage is something that God wills for you, you will get married. But while you wait, prayerfully prepare yourself to be the kind of spouse God is calling you to be.

If you are a man, first read and study what the Bible says about husbands and learn what is expected of you. Prepare yourself for that. Know your strengthens and weaknesses and work on your weaknesses. At the same time, instead of praying to find a beautiful wife, there is nothing wrong to desire to marry a pretty woman but more importantly, read and study what the Bible is calling a wife to be and ask God to help you to find that woman who has those potentials. When you understand the call of a wife, you will be ready to seek and find the hidden beauty of a woman. You won’t be deceived by woman’s outside look.

The same is true to a woman. Instead of praying to marry a man with a six-pack abs (there is nothing wrong with that desire), pray, read and study the Bible and learn what the Bible is calling a wife to be and strive to be that kind of woman. Read and study also what the Bible says about husbands and look for a man with those potentials, a man who respectfully loves you. He can only love you truly if he first loves Jesus Christ. Otherwise all his moves might be driven by lust, not by love. So, praying biblically helps you to know the man who is the real deal when he comes on your way.

And don’t be mystical about marriage. Don’t marry just because a person who calls him/herself a prophet tells you to marry. Don’t put a sign to identify your future husband. Instead, use your brain. Pray. Counsel with others and pray with others and of course study your Bible.

Last but not least, do not be in a state of desperation to get married. Desperation blocks your logical mind and forces you to compromise in many valuable life issues you hold dearly, such as, “I only want to marry a person who believes in the Lord Jesus Christ.”

Be desperate for nothing in this life except to know Christ and His words. ///