Are You Single?

Are you single? Are you in the process of looking for that “perfect match,” a person who loves you to death, a person who cherishes and cares for you like nobody’s business?

Well, if you are successful finding him, guess what you would do to him (or, to her)?
Do you think you marry him? Are you crazy? No, you won’t! He is perfect, and you are not, remember?
No, you won’t marry him; rather, YOU WILL CRUCIFY HIM! Yeap, we all do that to him!
If this is the truth, why do many single people look for a perfect match? This is a very common sickness of single people. Don’t worry, I had this same sickness when I was single, 22 years ago. Before I got good medication for it, I got married.
Then right after I married my Berhan (my husband), I thought I missed the perfect man and I was like, “I thought Berhan was perfect. I guess he is not. If he is not, the perfect man must be out there, waiting for me.” ?
Praise God that God had helped me not to be deceived by that thought. God with His mercy and grace taught me gently that there had never been a perfect man on this planet earth except Jesus Christ; and my Berhan was as perfect as a human being can get to.
Phew! Can you imagine if I believed that thought and went out of my marriage to search and find that perfect man? Oh, praise God for saving me from that kind of stupidity and insanity.
But here is the thing: Even if we don’t want to admit, consciously or unconsciously, we all look for a perfect match because [I think this is the reason] we are created by God and in the beginning, we were perfect in and out until the first man, Adam and Eve, fell from that perfection. Our “perfectness” died in the Eden Garden, and we all carry a big scar from that death. The scar is the desire to be perfect and find a perfect match, “bone of my bones, flesh of my flesh” kind of perfect match (Genesis 2:21-23).
So, God with His mercy and grace, sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to die on the cross for our sin and raise from the dead for our justification (and save us from our total depravity) so that Jesus Himself becomes “our perfection”, our righteousness, who “MEETS” our deep seated desire to be perfect as well as find our perfect match.
Did you hear that? Yes, Jesus Christ is our “Perfect Match!” (Isaiah 54:4; Jeremiah 3:14) Please don’t ever forget that.
So, as a single person, before you look for someone to marry, make sure that that “big vacuum” or “a scar” left in your heart from the fall, a desire to be perfect and find a perfect life partner, is filled/met by Jesus Christ. When He, the Perfect Man, fills your heart, you know that you are fully and completely perfect in Him before God and you are totally and completely accepted, loved and treasured by the perfect “Lover,” not only for this life but for the life that is yet to come, life beyond the grave.
Oh, my dearest, if you are single, first meet this Single, Perfect Man who can only meet all your deep seated desires. Then you will be a good match, a good life partner to someone who is blessed by God to have you.
Wow! Had I read this 22 years ago, I would have been a good wife at the beginning of my marriage to my kind and loving husband from whom I demanded Christ-like perfection. It is okay. At least, it is a blessing for me to write this for someone who is in the season of singleness.
What can I say except to say, “He who has ears, let him hear this. ///