Annoying Things Wives do to Their Husbands

  • Making every little disagreement or conflict a reason to avoid sex.

That is just crazy! Sister, pouting just before bedtime is not romantic at all. Do you know what he is saying when he looks at your “long face”? Well, you know it but let me tell you. He says to himself, “Here we go again!” Brush it all of and learn to let go and to wisely pick your fights.

  • Asking him to remember what outfit she was wearing last weekend.

Just impractical! You are very lucky if he remembers your mother’s name. Men have a problem in remembering things, especially when you want them to remember the detail. So, give your man a break. Just ask him question like, “Did we go to church last week?” He thinks that you are a very loving person when you ask him that kind of question because he knows the answer and you will be happy because you have your answer. Oops, sorry, those are the kind of questions you won’t ask, will you? Well, just make this as a rule of thumb: Don’t ask him a question which challenges his memory.

  • Leaving him alone with her parents.

That is just messed up! Please get this. He prefers to be in a deserted public park by himself for five hours than to be with your parents, by himself, for five minutes. Be with him as much as you can.

  • Asking him to get five things from the grocery and three things from the pharmacy on his way back.

Hello! Are you from a different world! He can’t do that! Have mercy on him. Ask him to pick milk and the rest another day or get it yourself.

  • Reminding him five times to take the trash out.

This is not only annoying but also irritating and nerve wracking. Let the man forget it once and he will have double the load the next day. Why do you care? Anyways, he prefers to carry hundred tons of trash than to be reminded by his wife five times. He feels disrespected. He hates it. He feels like you are treating him like a boy and to tell you the truth, it is. Don’t treat him like a boy, unless of course, you want to live with a little boy who needs his Mama’s annoying reminder every second.

  • Condemning him for desiring sex immediately after his father’s funeral service!

Sister, those two things have no relationship for him. Just be brilliant enough to comfort him with your romantic love.

  • Saying to him, “When do you think you will get old for sex!” – a rhetorical question

Let me tell you something, sister – Don’t let Satan deceive you in this. Jut get rid of that kind of thought and fantasy from your mind. Don’t fantasize the day you and your husband live without sex. It ain’t going to happen. Actually, having this kind of thought prevents you from enjoying your intimate moments with him while increasing his sex desire. Hands down! Your husband won’t stop desiring sex. God didn’t create him the way you wish him to be. Instead, wish a day when your husband asks you the same question. Wow! Think about it! Let me tell you how to envision this: Let’s say, your name is Sara. So, one day your husband comes to you and says, “Sara, my baby, when do you think you will ever get old for sex!” Hooray! You will share with us the rest of the story when that day comes. Promise?

  • Asking him to explain why he desires sex six times a week.

Precious, if he has an answer for that question, he wouldn’t be married to you. So, just enjoy the moment while it lasts.

  • Correcting him in front of others for his silly mistakes.

Hey, forgive him for a second just until you two become alone; and correct him in any way you want. Correcting him in front of others is like putting him down, disrespecting and despising him. That is how he sees it when the correction comes from you, his wife. Please don’t try to challenge this fact by saying, “What about me? I feel the same way, blah, blah, blah.” Well, try to correct him in front of his friends and share with us the rest of the story if there is any story to tell. Watch out!

  • Asking her husband to go to her family’s wedding ceremony, saying, “Hey, baby, I can’t make it today. I’m still at work. So, take the kids with you and pick up my uncle on your way. Make sure you have fun.”

Are you serious? Do you know what he is saying to you (in his heart), “Just get a life!” – Yeah; please get this. Relating with others is a skill you have in full dose while he has little or nothing. He needs your presence to make it all fun for him. Otherwise you are punishing him and please don’t say, “Have fun” when you know for sure that he will be miserable. If you want to be a romantic wife, RSVP to the people who invited you, saying that you all can’t make it and give your man a break. He enjoys to be by himself; yeah, all alone, or with you and others. Otherwise, save him from his nightmare.

  • Asking him to do the laundry and put the clothes back to the closet, in order and style.

Forget it! He can’t do that. If he puts the clothes in the washer, give him A+. If he puts them in the dryer, nominate him as “a man of the year”. Don’t ever try to change your man in to another woman. He can’t be a woman! You will destroy your beautiful marriage if you become successful of changing him in to a woman. Believe me in this! You want to live with a man, not with a woman. You can’t even live with yourself, let alone adding another woman to the puzzle. Think about it!

  • Telling him to watch the pot on fire while he is watching soccer game or his favorite TV show.

Seriously! His brain doesn’t work like that. Don’t ask him to do that unless of course you want a burned up chicken and the pot.

  • Reminding him to read Bible and pray.

That is horrible and ugly! My sister, you pray and read Bible and be the person God calls you to be and you will have the most spiritual and romantic husband on your hand. Be a whiz! ///