City of Refuge!

Today I read Numbers chapter 35. This is the chapter where you read about the six towns, in addition to the forty-two towns, God ordered Moses to give to the Levites. These six towns are called Cities of Refuge.

Refuge: “a condition of being safe or sheltered from pursuit, danger, or trouble.”

A person who kills someone by accident can run to one of these six cities and shall be safe from the avenger of the blood. (Numbers 35:11b)

But remember, the accused killer has to present evidence that proves that he/she killed the person by accident. If it is proved to be accident, the accused killer is allowed to live in one of these towns and be safe from the avenger of the blood.

Here are the names of these six towns and the meaning of their names:

Kedesh (Holy place), Shechem (Shoulder), Hebron (Fellowship), Bezer (Stronghold), Ramo (Exalted or heights) and Golan (Separated) (Joshua 20).

Why do I care about this chapter, Numbers 35? My dearest, this chapter, just like the other chapters of the New and the Old Testaments, talks about Jesus.

Jesus Christ is the City of Refuge where the accused person, like me, can run to and be safe.

The thing is I am not innocent. I can’t claim that all the sins I committed are accidents. The sin I got at birth, well, I didn’t come to be a child of Adam by accident (the original sin). So, I am guilty of all the charges, one by one, the “avenger” is presenting against me. I don’t deserve any city of refuge because I have done everything that my accuser is accusing me of.

But Jesus took all the charges presented against me as if they were His and He received all my punishments for each one of my sins (Isaiah 53:3-4). My sins turned Jesus into sin and made Him a curse (2 Corinthians 5:21 & and Galatians 3:13) and He, the Holy Son of God, died in my place.

What happened with me?

I took the righteousness of Jesus Christ and in Christ, I became the righteousness of God (2 Cor. 5:21). Since Jesus has risen from the dead, I will yet to be glorified with Him.

What can I say to this except shouting hallelujah for the rest of my life!

Does this sound one of those science fiction movies? It really does! (I remember a song called “Science Fiction” by Jonathan Thulin.)

You can find many more truths from Numbers 35 by cross-referencing it with Joshua 20 and Deuteronomy 19 and more chapters from the New Testaments such as John 3, Romans 5, Hebrews 7 and more.

The bottom-line is this: Jesus is my City of Refuge forever!

“But because Jesus lives forever, He has a permanent priesthood.” (Hebrews 7:24) Since Jesus’ priesthood is permanent, I am saved in Him for ever and ever! (Please read Numbers 35 to know why I brought Christ’s priesthood here. Fascinating!)

But let me ask you?

Do you have a city to run to and be safe from eternal death? Do you have a city of refuge? Not only to be saved from danger and Satan but from God Himself who doesn’t let a sinner go free.

Yes, you do need a city of refuge because all of us, you and I and everybody else, are sinners, deserve to be thrown into the lake of fire. Remember one thing here though: There is only one City of Refuge that is given by God to all human beings to run to and be saved from the wrath of God (Acts 4:14).

But if Jesus is already your City of Refuge, why do you fret? Why do you still let Satan scare you and accuse you of your sin? Tell him that you live in the City of Refuge whose name is Jesus Christ, who is Holy and Exalted, calling you to come to Him and be Separated from the rest of the world to Fellowship with Him forever. If you are sad, Jesus Christ gives you His Shoulder to cry on and be comforted. He is your Stronghold who makes you more than conquerors (remember the meaning of the names of the six cities of refuge above?). Yes, Jesus is your City of Refuge! Your Savior today and forever more! ///