Decorate Your Marriage

Forgiveness is something a Christian should always do because another name of a Christian is “FORGIVEN!”

We cannot talk about marriage without forgiveness takes the lead. 

I mean, think about it. When two broken, imperfect and messed up people live under the same roof, they create lots of mess in that house. And if this couple doesn’t let forgiveness mark their marriage, destruction of that marriage will be in order. 

We all have problem, don’t we? What kind of problem? A problem of sin! So, as much as we need others’ to forgive us, we always need to be ready to forgive others especially those who live with us. 

So, if you are married, decorate your marriage with genuine and sincere forgiveness. Then you’ll ask yourself why you always find yourself falling in love with, not with the other person, but with your spouse. 

It feels really good! ///