What Counts!

My little one when he was in fourth or fifth grade, he said, “Mom, I know what I wanna be when I grow up.”
I said, “Well, let me hear it.”

“I wanna be patty flipper at McDonald’s.”
I calmly said to him, “Well, I want my son to be the best patty flipper in town! Will you be?”
Yeah, he thought I would get a heart attack or something.
No, I don’t teach my kids to be anything big in this world. I don’t tell them how to be rich and famous, or pursue a career that guarantees them big money so they live in a gated neighborhood. Nah! The one thing I always tell them is this:
Find your call. Once you find it, live and die for it.
They used to ask me how to find their call. Not anymore. They are big kids now. They know that anyone who seeks God first and His Kingdom will eventually knows why God brought him to this life.
Yeah, teach your kids how to count but above all, teach them how to seek God and His Kingdom first for in eternity, numbers don’t count but our relationship with Christ. (Matthew 6:33) ///