You Guessed It

You know what I’ve been confronted with lately?
Well, when you don’t know something, you just don’t know it and you don’t even know what you’re missing.

Yeah, the word and truth of God is like that.
The more we stay far from the truth of God, the more we think that we know it all and we even dare to teach others.
May God forgive us!
“The Holiness of God” is one of the books which showed me my ignorance about so many things, mainly the holiness of God.
I finished this fantastic book today and I am still in awe. My husband bought this book almost fifteen years ago and he read it. Then he gave it to me saying, “Read it! You would love it.”
I tried to read it but it sounded Latin to me, so I quietly left the book alone. But every time I go to my husband to ask him a question or two, he always says, “Why don’t you read the Holiness of God?” And my response is, “I will; but help me with this for now.”
Well, after so many years, I decided to read/listen to this book (via Audible) and I regretted that I didn’t read it until now.
Anyways, please get this book and read it (or, listen to it via Audible).
If you are a husband of one woman reading this, please read this book so that when your wife comes to you with a theological question (1 Cor. 14:35), such as, “Does God love EVERYBODY,” kind of question, you will be able to give her a theologically correct answer, not one of those “Let me make you feel good” answers like, “Yes! God loves everybody and I can’t imagine Him to throw anybody to hell.”
Yeah, ignorance of the truth of God makes us foolish and worse than atheists.
Books such as “The Holiness of God” makes us well equipped.
Why did I especially recommend this book to husbands?
Well, the word of God calls husbands to be the leaders of their households, means, a husband is a priest, a prophet, a pastor, a servant-leader and more to his household. So, as his position in the family demands it, he is expected to nurture his wife and kids by the truth and word of God.
If a husband is ignorant of the truth and the word of God, he’s in a way forfeiting his God-given position of leadership. And guess who automatically takes his place?
You guessed it! His wife!
Ouch! ///