Has Greater Purpose

There is nothing demoralizing and discouraging for a Christian as the desire to do life perfectly but not be able to achieve it.

We always find ourselves falling short of being perfect.

Falling short of perfection is a constant blow to our ego and pride. No matter how long our knees are staying on the floor, no matter how many days we spend in prayer and fasting, we still “stumble in many ways.” (James 3:2)

And if we are true children of God, born of the Spirit of God into the Kingdom of God through faith in Christ Jesus, this constant blow to our pride has greater purpose:

It makes us run to Christ every waking moment.

Did you hear that?

Yes! While we’re in the middle of class or work, in a meeting or standing among many people, talking and laughing, our soul runs to Him, knowing that He is the only One who can meet our hungry and thirsty soul (Matthew 5:6, Psalm 42:1). We totally stop looking at “the mountains” or “the hills” but to Him alone (Psalm 121).

This constant hunger and thirst for Him will eventually make us lose hope in this material world and we start to truly hope in Him alone.

Then our failures, as Dr. David Murray said, eventually “make us long for heaven, to hasten the day when the pain of failure and the torture of disappointment will be gone forever.”

The question is this: Why don’t many Christians today long for heaven?

One possible answer would be: They no more struggle against sin (Hebrew 12:4). They think that there is no sin to struggle against (1 John 1:8). They say, “Jesus dealt with every possible sin on the cross. I ain’t deal with sin anymore.” They are satisfied with their perfect church attendance and involvement in the church ministry.

This is tragic and dreadful for the body of Christ! ///