Going Back Home for Good!

I am telling you! After hearing the Ethiopian New Prime Minister, Dr. Abiy Ahmed’s speech, I feel like going back home tonight.

I just finished watching his speech.
He refreshed my soul! May God bless him!
I especially love what he said about his mom and his wife!
Awwwww! My eyes quickly welled up with tears!
My! Really? Is this real or am I dreaming?
Wow! Hope is the only thing that is flooding my heart. Hope! This man gave us hope to see ourselves once again living in our own home land, Ethiopia, not as immigrants but as citizens!
After I finished his speech, I shouted in my kitchen saying, “I am going back to Ethiopia!”
My little one came to the kitchen looking scared and asked, “Mom, are you okay?”
I said, “Yes, I’m okay! I am going back to Ethiopia, not for vacation but to live there!”
He thought for a second I had a nervous breakdown or something. Then his dad explained it to him.
I mean, who would blame me for saying that? Huh! Who? ///