Happy Easter!

If you celebrate Easter today, Happy Easter to you!
If you don’t, happy Sunday to you!

Please no argument about whether this holiday started by pagans or Christians.
All I celebrate is the resurrection of Christ, the special singing, eating and having fun with the people I love the most. This I call Holiday!
By the way, don’t stay on Christmas or Good Friday (the baby Jesus in his mother’s hand or Jesus in the manger or Christ on the Cross).
See the beauty of His resurrection.
If Jesus was still in the tomb, we all would all eventually stay in our tombs and guess what would be written in our tombstones:
“Here lies a dead body of a person whose sin had been canceled!”
But since Jesus is resurrected, we are in the path of eternal life.
Wow! Did you see that?
Death of Christ and resurrection of Christ are two major messages of God.
If we miss one of them, we miss eternal life.
May God reveal these eternal messages to all of us!
Yes, because Jesus lives, I live too, FOREVER! (John 14:19) May He forever be praised! ///