Why Don’t Some Church Leaders

You have no idea how many wives so far reached out to me from different places, from Ethiopia, Europe, America and Canada and other places and said something like:
“Missy, my husband is a minister and I think he has some kind of inappropriate relationship with this woman I know and I brought this to the church leaders’ attention but none of them seem to listen to me. What do I need to do?”

“Missy, my husband is a minister and we have kids. He abuses me sexually and I reached out to church leaders but they avoid me. They even wanted me never to come to church. What do I do now?”
Why don’t some church leaders listen to the wife?
I am not quite sure.
Why do you all think? Why don’t these church leaders listen to the wife when she tells them about her husband? What could be their reason?
I want to hear from all of you. This is a very serious issue and these days, it is happening in lots of places. ///