Marriage Seminar Game #1

As many of you know, last Saturday, February 17, 2018, was our annual marriage seminar, a whole day event, held in the Sheraton Silver Spring Hotel.

We enjoyed every bit of it especially the covenant renewal session and the three games we played in between sessions. Lots of fun!

And I want to share with you the first game we played. As you can see from the video, three husbands came forward saying, “I love my wife so much that I am willing to perform anything I am asked to perform in front of an audience!”

Very tricky game!

None of them had any clue what I was about to ask them. That is the fun part!

The first husband, Daniel, a gifted Gospel singer, was asked to sing one song. The second husband, Wolde, asked to imagine himself driving and one pretty girl crosses him and he gets tempted to stare at her. But he is married to a beautiful wife. So, he prays loud so he saves his heart from lusting after another woman. And the last husband, Robel, was asked to preach as if nobody’s business! Here is the fun part. Robel is from Eritrea and cannot preach in Amharic. So, he preached in his own mother tongue (Tigrigna).

Yes, one of these handsome husbands won the prize. Guess who?

You guess first and I will tell you in the comment section later. ///