What A Wonderful Marriage Seminar!

Yesterday was our Valentine’s Day annual marriage seminar, called “Celebrating Marriage,” in the Sheraton Silver Spring Hotel in the Cypress Ballroom from 9am to 5pm.

You know what excites me the most in programs such as this one?

The presence of the Holy Spirit! That is all!

If Holy Spirit is in a program, if His hand is in the detail of a program, you can be rest assured that things move, not in an easy and smooth way but, in the most marvelous and an unimaginable way possible and that is what happened yesterday.

Holy Spirit pulled it off wonderfully!

May His name forever be praised!

God is always gracious and merciful to us, my husband and I, by giving us people to help us in all our undertakings. Believe me in this; it is not easy to follow a vision without others giving you their hands, support and encouragements. And God blessed us by great people and we thank God for all of them especially the following lovely couples: Wolde & Tigist, Haymanote & Nebyu, Worku & Meheret, Dave & Eden, Kifle & Tigist, Meheretabe & Samrawit, Teddy (cameraman) & Hewan and Sisay (cameraman) & Tigist!

Thank you, guys for standing up with us all the way through. Above all, thank you, for putting up with my “annoying” perfectionist tendencies, phone calls and text messages! You guys are just amazing! May God bless you all!

And I also would like to thank my pastors, Pastor Hanfere and Pastor Yeti, our church family ministry pastor, Pastor Emanuel, our church administrator, Bro. Girma, and all the IEEC staff (International Ethiopian Evangelical Church staff). Without your support and encouragement, this project would have been a bit harder. Thank you and may God bless you all!

Of course I would love to thank every married couple who came to the seminar!

My! All of you, beautiful and gorgeous wives, made the occasion colorful and beautiful with your cute and lovely faces and pretty outfits. Thank you!

And thank you, husbands, for taking care of your bride as if she was the only woman left on this planet earth. Your presence, men of God, made the occasion graceful and made us, your wives, feel safe and secure! Thank you!

People from the DMV area, from different denominations came together in one accord, to learn about marriage according to the word of God in the most relaxed environment possible!

God willing, I will upload soon a video, a clip of my message, as well as some of the pictures we took during the seminar.

Have a blessed Sunday to all of you! ///