Does Man Have a Free-Will?

How can man’s free will and the sovereignty of God co-exist?
Does man have a free will?

One preacher said, “God can’t do a thing unless a man lets Him. And God doesn’t interfere with the business of man.”
Is this theology Scriptural?
I appeal to all of you, my young followers, especially my Ethiopian and Eritrean brothers and sisters, to please listen to this message carefully.
Do not rush to agree or disagree with the speaker (Dr. R. C. Sproul) though.
R. C. was a well respected and honored man of God to disagree with quickly. I said, “was” because R. C. has changed his address few weeks ago. He crossed over to eternity but thank God all his messages are with us.
Most of his messages offend before they rejuvenate soul and spirit. Just marvelous! ///