Mind Your Own Business

A4P Guest: How can I help people who are in porn addiction?

A4P: Aww! That is very nice of you to want to help others who are hurting but tell me why you asked.

A4P Guest: There are many people who are addicted to porn in our church and I want to help them.

A4P: Oh? How do you know that they are addicted to porn? Did they tell you?

A4P Guest: Oh, no, they didn’t tell me. I just know when I see them.

A4P: Oh really? How do you do that?

A4P Guest: They usually sit at the back and they are always on their phones because they care less for worship service or the word of God.

A4P: Hmm. The description you just gave me describes me very well. Even if I don’t sit at the back, I am on my phone most of the time. My Bible is on my phone, so is my notebook. So am I addicted to porn?

My friend, I think the wisest thing to do for us Christians is to mind our own business because the Bible says, “mind your own business.” (1 Thessalonians 4:11)

A4P Guest: What do you mean by that?

A4P: See to it if you live the life that the word of God is calling you to live.

For example, God calls you and I to love others selflessly.

When you strive to love others, you stop diagnosing them by just looking at their faces because you will be very busy doing your call. As you train yourself to love others, not only in words but in action (1 John 3:18), your focus starts to be trying to do everything you can to edify and build others up in kind words and good deeds.

Good deeds can be as small as giving people your undivided attention when you greet them and as big as dying for them so they can live. Do you see my point? This, my dear, is a tough and a lifetime call of a Christian.

So mind your own business and in the process you never know, God may use you to save many people from all kinds of destructive lifestyles.

Let me say this though before I let you go: People ask for help when they need one. Medical doctors do not go around the neighborhood trying to diagnose people. The sick come to them, or they call for them. ///