“Oh, I can wait a little while”

I heard Sinclair B Ferguson mentioning this book in the middle of one Q&A  session I watched on Ligonier Ministries YouTube channel and I was like, “a book that may help me to pray according to Scripture? Bingo! I need that book!”

Yeah, it is a very small book but believe me, it is packed with basic biblical truth about prayer.

Luther’s barber and good friend, Peter Beskendorf, asked Luther how to prepare himself for prayer and Luther responded to him by writing this small book. This tiny book was first published in 1535.

Oh, how we waste our time chattering and babbling, thinking that we are praying!

In his opening statement, Luther gave Peter this basic advice about prayer:

“it is such a good idea to start your day first thing, early in the morning, by praying, and then make it the last thing you do at the end of the day. This way you can prevent lying to yourself by saying, “Oh, I can wait a little while. I’ll pray in an hour or so, but first I need to do this or that.” It is this kind of thinking that will have you believe something is actually better, or more important, than prayer, particularly if some emergency demands your attention.” p.6

Very truth, isn’t it?

If you wonder what I am reading now, well, four books by Sinclair B Ferguson. I will tell you more about as I finish reading them. ///

P. S. I ordered this book from amazon. I think you can find it from Chritianbook.com too or from local bookstores such as Family Christian Bookstore which you can find in most major cities. If they are out, they order it for you.