Marriage Should be Honored by “ALL”

May the name of Jesus be praised forever!

Yes, marriage should be honored by all! All means all, married, single, divorced and honored by everybody.

You know, I heard this message for more than five times and I don’t get tired of it because marriage is not the message of man but God. I love to see Christ in the message of marriage.

Wow! I always get short of words when I try to describe what I feel inside about marriage between one man and one woman. Marriage is the love story of God and His people. It is the core message of the Bible. May God reveal His truth to us!

I can’t promise but I will do everything I can to caption this video for those who can’t understand Amharic and who are deaf and mute.

But the message is on Hebrews 13:4a, “Marriage should be honored by all”

We all have to honor our marriages and the marriage of our friends and relatives because we honor God and His word.

If you’re single, God calls you to honor the marriage of those people who are around you. You don’t honor God when you secretly chat with a married person on social media. That is dishonoring God. If your friend’s spouse doesn’t accept you as a friend, stay away from your friend. May God open up our spiritual eyes so we can see the glory and mystery of marriage! ///