“Why Did Your Wife Send You Here For?”

Whenever my husband goes to see his doctor (which is probably once in three or four years), the first question his doctor asks him is this: “Why did your wife send you here for?”

Well, his doctor knows that my husband doesn’t go to see him on his own initiative unless I, his wife, turn “the heat” on. 
“Well, she said that my running nose might not be just a cold. She wanted me to get my lungs checked,” my husband replies as if to say, “Same old same old!”
Then his doctor checks him and says, “Well, tell your wife that she has nothing to worry about,” and my hubby comes home and tells me exactly what he told him. I have never met his doctor but he treats me through my husband.
Do you think this is only my story? Think again. Most men visit their doctor because of their wives.  
When I was in pharmacy school, I remember in one of my clinical intensive care unit morning rounds, the first thing we were told was: “If you see a man in an emergency room, take him and his condition very seriously because unless he is about to die, he wouldn’t bring himself in here.”
How true that is! I used to blame my husband saying, “You’re so stubborn!”
Oh, no, he is not stubborn.
It is their original wiring that makes most men act like that. They are wired to be tough and strong because they are the keepers, guardians, providers, leaders and shepherds of their household. They can’t afford to chicken out for a fever here and a fever there. Oh, no! They do everything to suck it up and stand still. They feel comfortable when they find themselves on the giving end, not on “the receiving end”.
Now you know why most men don’t ask for directions. I thought this was a joke. Well, it is not!
And guess what? This specific man’s wiring is the number one reason that prevents many married couples from seeking counseling.
When a wife says, “I think we need to go for counseling,” her husband looks at her as if she insulted his manhood and says, “You go and seek counseling for yourself! I need no counseling!” Thus most wives are forced to live with their problems.  
So, if you’re a husband reading this post today, listen to me please: If your wife says to you, “We need help; we need to seek counseling,” say, “Okay Hun, let’s go.”
It is okay if you didn’t sense any serious problem in your marriage, your wife did. So, go, and make your wife happy; then you will be thankful that you did. You see, we all need counseling once or twice or many times in our lives to make it through this life. And always remember this: Happy wife means happy life! ///