The Fruit of the Womb

If children are a gift of the Lord, no wonder that the whole world is against this precious gift!

Satan hates children, do you know that? Oh, yes, he does! He always comes up with different strategies to get rid of children when they are in or out of their mother’s womb. (Satan tried to get rid of Moses and Jesus.)
Our flesh tends to believe the message of this world that says something like, “Don’t breastfeed your child so you won’t lose your nice body figure.” Or, “Send your children to a daycare so you can go to work and make enough mula to afford to live in a bigger house.”
Or, worse, the devil whispers into a pregnant woman’s ears, “Get rid of “it” so you go to school, become somebody, make money and drive that nice car; then you can have children. Only then will people love and respect you, even your pastor.”
But the word of God says, “Children are a gift of the Lord” (Psalm 127:3) and a gift of God is something no earthly gift can compare to.
Sure, sometimes it feels like children are tools God uses to discipline and straighten us up parents. Spiritually speaking, I mean, we parents need to be disciplined and straightened up at times (in my case, many times), don’t we? And God lovingly uses our children, for example, to show us how to humble ourselves.
And sure, the joy of seeing our children grow is something this world cannot comprehend. For example, we teach our children how to pray, we teach them how to fall in love with the word of God and when we see them following the way (Proverbs 22:6), we literally burst into tears of joy.
Yeah, children are a gift of the Lord. When we’re struggling to see or consider our children as they are, as “a gift of the Lord,” I think we need to ask God to open up our eyes because the things of God, the truth of God, can only be discerned and understood in the spirit of God. ///