It Was A Wonderful Celebration!

I couldn’t cancel my appointment this morning I made with my hair dresser a couple days ago; so I went there thinking that I would attend the funeral service using my phone. Well, the thing is there were at least 15 women in that hair salon. So, I said to myself, “It is okay. The service is going to be recorded and archived on the RZIM website as well as Facebook page. So, I may as well watch it later. I can’t watch a funeral service in a hair salon.”

But I asked myself, “Why not?” I couldn’t find a persuasive and rational answer for my question.
So, I took my phone out and I put my earphones. The service started while I was sitting under the hair dryer and my tears began marching down my cheeks.
I didn’t want people to see my tears. I am very private person when it comes to showing my tears. So, I put one of my hands next to my eyes so I would wipe my tears before they made a scene.
So, I attended Dr. Nabeel Qureshi’s funeral service virtually and it was a wonderful celebration of a well lived life! This was my very first virtual funeral service. I thought I was there at the actual service, physically.
I went to the virtual service expecting to receive something from God. You may think that I am crazy for expecting that at the funeral service but that was my expectation when I clicked the video. Guess what? I met the Spirit of God as I expected Him to meet me.
With the first part of Nabeel’s number one mentor’s speech, God rebuked and convicted me for not taking each word of the Bible as the truth of God; each one of them!
Please watch the whole speech so you know what I am talking about.  
I was comforted by God throughout the service through songs and speeches that there is actually a beautiful life set aside after death for us who believed in the Son of God. Yes, I know that but I was reminded of this truth in the most profound and concrete way.
Holy Spirit confronted me with my procrastination tendencies, saying, “Every day is a precious gift of God.” Is it not? But I tend to forget that and plan to do things tomorrow while I can do them today.
In short, by the end of the service, I felt like I attended a prayer meeting with spiritually matured men and women of God. When I saw the men of God who mentored Nabeel, I cried with joy.
Mentors, role models! Yes, Nabeel was not that giant man at that very young age all by himself. As a young man, he was marching behind giant older and godly men and he indeed copied the lives of each one of his mentors. Incredible young man!
Please watch the service when you can. It’s worth your time and energy. Trust me.
Before I sign off though, let me say this: Please! Please, don’t leave this earth without Jesus Christ! He is real! Jesus Christ is alive and well. He died for your sin. You cannot go to God by yourself and nobody, including angels and all the angelical beings, can take you to God but Jesus. Jesus said, “No one can come to the Father except through me.” (John 14:6) Don’t try religion or man devised ways to get to God. Jesus is the only way you and I have. None other! Don’t say, “Let me get my life straight first.” You cannot! Just go to Jesus as you are and surrender your life to Him. That is your part and guess what His part is? To raise you up from the dead and straighten up your life. Yes, Jesus will give you a new life and He will change, shape and mold you so you’ll be the person He created you to be, the person you always want and desire to be. As Ravi Zacharias said in his speech at the funeral service, “Jesus didn’t come to make bad people good people; but He came to make dead people alive.” ///