Desperate To Get Married?

Are you desperate to get married? Does the thought of getting married consume you? Do you find yourself browsing through social media to see if someone is interested in you?
Well, most nutritionists advise us not to go to grocery shopping while hungry. Do you know why? Well, if we are hungry, we buy anything regardless of the fat content and the calorie count of the food and we end up destroying our health and excellent body figure.

As going out to grocery shopping while hungry is a dangerous business, so is looking for a spouse while you are desperately looking for someone to marry you. Do you know why?
Well, when you are desperate to get married, you take anyone on your way. You will completely forget your criteria that may read something like: “He has to be sold out for Christ; he has to respect me and others; he has to be emotionally stable, he should be between three to five years older than me, and – – – .”
Are you serious? Once desperation takes over the wheel of your life, it clouds your logical and rational mind and destroys your list of requirements (criteria) from your brain. It also forces you to put your guards down at the wrong time with the wrong person.
Wow! That is too dangerous!
So, if you are single and DESPERATE to get married, don’t go out to look for a spouse. Don’t spend too much of your time especially on social media. 
Instead cultivate your habit of reading and meditating on the Word of God and staying in the presence of God (in prayer). These two habits can take away desperation of any sort. Then when you say to yourself, “I don’t need to get married to be happy; I’m happy as a single person,” only then are you ready to look for a spouse.
Otherwise, my dearest, you may successfully convince someone to marry you but end up crying yourself to sleep every night.
So, watch out! Don’t go “marriage grocery shopping” while you are “hungry to get married.” ///