How to Teach Kids about Anal Sex?


Yes, Teen Vogue magazine featured one full article (with pictures) to teach kids age 11 to 17 how to do anal sex.

I personally don’t expect to find Teen Vogue magazine in a Christian household.

I just don’t!

Of course there are many “good-for-nothing” magazines that teens are exposed to today.

Who is paying for the monthly subscription?



No clue!

Why do parents pay for Teen Vogue subscription?

To teach their 11 year old sons and daughters how anal sex is done?

I am not sure.

I mean, truth be told, these days many wives seek marriage counseling because their “Christian” husbands are asking them to say yes to do anal sex?


The spirit of homosexuality is now everywhere (even in the news) and if we give our ears and eyes to it, it will allure us regardless of our faith or societal status! No other explanation!

But today’s message is simple:

Get rid of Teen Vogue magazine from your household if in case it finds its way into your home! Get rid of it! Burn it! Watch how to do it from “The Activist Mommy” video.

Don’t let your little kids read anything that you first haven’t read yourself. Just don’t! Many kids, as young as 10 and 11, are confused, depressed. They are becoming suicidal because nobody seems to care enough to protect them from the message of this dark world.

Please, don’t let your little kids decide for themselves. It is okay to be nosey! Get into their business for their sake. Know what they are up to. Check their phones if you decide to give a smart phone to your little kids. Once they turn 15 or 16, it can be toooooooooo late! ///