Time Indeed Flies!

My first book, Beyond the Fairy Tale, was published and officially released on June 11, 2015, exactly two years ago, by Deep River Books.

My! Time indeed flies, doesn’t it?

But guess what? The truth of God you find in this book is timeless. Whether you read it in 2015 or 2017, or 3017, you will benefit from it greatly.

I especially want to encourage young parents with young children to get this book so they start to mentor their children at an early age before it is too late.

If you are a minister to youngsters in your church, I encourage you to get this book as one package. The whole package to launch the program called “Chosen Girls for Such a Time As This” – CG-STAT contains 8 books which comes with Parent’s Guide and Leader’s Guide. These two guides are free of charge if you order 8 books from Appeal for Purity’s website. You can mentor 8 girls at a time.

Some people have asked me if they could use this book to mentor young men.

Well, you see, I one day began writing a letter to my only daughter, telling her about her sexuality and how and why God made her like that. Then by God’s grace, mercy and providence, my love letter to my only daughter later became a book. So, this book is addressing the young girl’s side of sexuality, but I believe that young men can benefit from it as well since they help them see and understand the girl’s sexuality at an early age.

So, place your order here if you haven’t already done so: http://appealforpurity.org/storefront/

Remember, this is not a fiction book or a kind of book you read and put on the shelf. It is a text book that you read and meditate on the Bible verses and answer the questions you find at the end of each chapter. It is a text book used mainly to mentor young girls at an early age. I recommend this book for young girls who are older than 13. Some parents told me that they even used it to mentor their 10 and 11 year old girls; but it is up to the parents to decide that. ///

P. S. This book is not available in Ethiopia.