A Total Marriage Makeover

I can’t tell you how much I love Home Depot!
Before you raise your eye brows, let me say this:
I don’t like to go to Home Depot, period! But I like Home Depot more than I like all these shopping malls around my house because Home Depot saves me money as my husband gets everything he needs to fix broken things in our house.

But my number one reason why I like Home Depot is this: It is my husband’s favorite dating “sight”. Yep, it is!
Well, after reading many books on marriage, I learned that as we, women (most of us), love to hear our men appreciating and admiring our beauty, our men (most of them) also love to hear us appreciating and admiring what they do outside and inside the house.
So, what I usually do, as I did yesterday, is this: when my husband gets up to go to Home Depot, I follow him. What do we do there? Well, we look together for that unique screw driver we want for that broken door in our home and I sometimes suggest the color of the wood we’re looking for because my hubby doesn’t really tell the difference between dark brown and light orange. (In man’s world, color is something irrelevant.)
This is called “dating,” it is just that we don’t eat and drink, but it is dating in a sense that we’re working towards the health of our marriage as we strengthen our “one-flesh” bond.
Believe me, the first time I read, “Go to Home Depot with your husband” kind of advice, I said, “You gotta be kidding me!”
You see, men usually don’t enjoy sitting and talking for five hours like us women. They are not wired like us. They want to do something and they want their woman to accompany them, not to annoy them as she tells them to do things in her way but to mainly lift their spirits up as she admires what they do.
So, if you are a wife of a young man, don’t miss your opportunity. If your man is a “handyman” who likes to fix things around the house, make Home Depot your number one dating sight. If he is a computer guy, go to the Home Depot website with him and search for the things he is looking for.
And hear this: When you see him fixing that broken faucet perfectly, give him that big smoochy kiss and say, “Do you even know how much money you saved us!” He is not going to ask you, “How much?” because he knows. Just kiss him.
This is called a total marriage-makeover as it also impacts your bedroom’s temperature.
Just try it! It works! ///