What A Day To Remember!

Memorial Day is “a day on which those who died in active military service are remembered.”

Many young men and women gave their lives so this great country, America, will always be a peaceful country. Yes, most of these fallen, “unsung heroes” are fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters and sons and daughters of someone out there, just like us. But they gave away their lives anyways, not only to their loved ones but also to all of us.
So, I want to leave a short note here to these fallen heroes.
THANK YOU, our heroes, for giving us your life! THANK YOU for the sacrifice you’ve made.This great nation, America, is great because of you. We are raising our kids and live our lives peacefully because of what you’ve done.
May God return back your kindness in double portion to all your loved ones! May God’s grace and mercy fall on your household, the household you’re not part of anymore! Yes, we remember you and what you’ve done for all of us and for this great nation and we dare not forget you!