Predictors of Divorce


The health of a marriage depends on how a couple solves their marital conflicts. In reality, every married couple deals with conflicts here and there and the presence of a conflict doesn’t indicate that the marriage is an unhealthy one or divorce is looming on the horizon.

However when the following four things mark a marriage on a consistent basis, they may indicate the imminent end of the marriage:

Exchanging disrespectful words, (such as, name calling)

Giving “silent treatment” to one another for days and months

Badmouthing (or, gossiping about) each other to others (friends and families); and

Sleeping in separate beds as a strategy to get even.

If your marriage is marked by one or all of these and similar indicators, take action today. Remember, good marriages don’t fall from heaven; they are made on this earth by two willing parties, husband & wife.

So, do whatever you can to find healing and restoration before it is too late.

One best way to bring restoration to your marriage is by seeking help from your local church ministers/pastors/priests.

Going to family members may make your issue to recur more often than you would like to since families usually don’t arrive at a working solution that is fair for both of you. ///