My! My! My!

With the same pair of ears that I’ve heard men of God like Ernie Baker and Gary Thomas speaking about their 30+ years of marriages, and how God taught them the secret of marriage (as they wrote in their books), I’m now hearing this.

How sad!

How could anybody with the right mind, knowing who Christ is and why He died for the Church, sit and listen to this?

I am not sure! I feel like crying for the women in the pew who were subjected to this. Some of them are smiling and nodding their heads. They must have been listening to him for years and they now become immune to all his bad remarks.

From the 100 comments dropped at this video clip, this got my attention:

“If your god is really this misogynistic, I want nothing to do with him.”

Me neither!

Oh, my! He wants me a wife to be a dog and my husband to be a dog owner?

What in the world!

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t usually like to speak against a speaker but this one, I can’t just pass it by. I am a Christian. I am a one-man woman. I am not a feminist but I am a daughter of God and I can’t and I will not tolerate teachings such as this one given in the name of my God and Lord, Jesus Christ.

Just because somebody is quoting a Bible verse and reading from the Bible doesn’t mean that he or she is preaching/teaching in the spirit of Christ. We need to be very careful.

Some people commented about this preacher’s divorce and all. I don’t know anything about him but I have no plan to listen to him in the future, not because of his divorce but because I don’t perceive to learn anything biblical from him.

My prayer for him is this: May God heal his heart. ///