Gary Thomas, the recipient of an honorary Doctor of Divinity degree from Western Seminary in Portland, Oregon, in 2006 in recognition of his contributions made in the field of spiritual formation), did it again!

You know, I have never felt this way reading a book on marriage.
Let me give you some background story.
So, whenever I travel, I choose a book to travel with me. So, when I traveled to Ethiopia last month, I struggled to choose from the books I was reading. Then I decided to take three books with me since it was relatively a long trip and one of the books was Gary Thomas’ newly published book “Cherish.”
And Listen to the subtitle of his book: “The one word that changes everything for your marriage.”
So, I was like, “Really? One word?”
And I found that to be true half way through the book. You have to read it.
Without any exaggeration, I was asking God to forgive me at the end of two or three chapters for taking my husband for granted, for not cherishing him. As always, the book is full of the anointing of the Holy Spirit (all Gary Thomas’ books are like that). The one best thing about Gary Thomas is that he tells you candidly how he failed God and his wife in his own marriage and how he learned from his mistakes. So, as you read his book, you too keep on repenting of your sins for you find yourself being confronted with the truth of God and with your propensity to disobey. At least that was the case with me reading this incredible book.
So, now, I am conscious of my husband’s presence in the house, even when he complains about where I put his pair of socks after I washed them. I am not lying, I’m serious. I am cherishing those moments too. You will find out why I said that when you read this fantastic book. Just put your order and if you want to up the excitement, order his book with the study guide and work through it with other married couples. ///