Who Would Listen To This

All too often, I get asked this question: “Who would listen to this? I mean, who would listen to what you’re saying regarding kissing and sex before marriage and apply it to life? This is 21st century.”

And my answer is always this: God didn’t tell me how many people are going to listen and how many people are going to heed the advice but He told me to never stop speaking.

So, my message for today is this: Yes, kissing before marriage is not right. It leads to sin.

Don’t believe these two lies many chose to fall for:

1. “I control myself never to do anything else but kiss.” – Kissing itself is doing something you’re not supposed to do.

2. “Pastor so and so kissed his girlfriend before he married her. He even posted a picture of him and his girlfriend kissing on Instagram.” – Which Bible verse says, “Follow Pastor so and so’s example?”

So, be wise! ///

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