With A Promise!

I traveled to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to celebrate last Easter with my parents. I had a wonderful time with both my parents. You have no idea how much I enjoy talking to them, asking them different questions, listening to them intently. They’re amazing people. I took this picture with my dad the day after Easter in their beautiful garden. Look at my new cultural dress! I love it very much! Growing up, I used to wear a new dress every Easter.

Oh, how I miss my childhood!

My lovely mom, other than being my dad’s life “sustainer,” she is my dad’s “bridge” for him to get to us, his children. I will tell you how that plays out.

So, I usually cut my hair short whenever I travel to Addis. Why? Well, the hairstylists there have some magic touch. I am serious, they are very good. So, my hair grew long for the last two months and I was like, “You know what, I will leave you alone for now but on Easter, you will leave me alone.”

I was very excited to see myself with a brand new hairstyle, short and cute.

Well, the day I got to Addis, my dad sent a message to me through my mom saying, “Don’t even think cutting your hair.” Not like that but my mom said something like, “Your dad is very happy to see your long hair and he wanted you to never cut it. You know that he loves your hair, don’t you?”

Okay, the message is loud and clear!

You may think that my dad can read my brain. No, he can’t. But cutting my hair whenever I visit Addis is one of my long held traditions and my dad seemed to know that.

Another message I received through my mom was this: “You know that your dad doesn’t want you to stay late. If you have to see your friends, see them during the day, not in the evening.”

I was like, “Mom, I am a big woman. I know what I’m doing. Dad shouldn’t treat me like a little girl. I’m not a little girl.”

My mom usually doesn’t argue with me. She is a woman of few words. I knew who I needed to talk to. I mean, Addis looks good in the evening. My dad has to let me stay out late, right? So, two or three days after Easter, I said, “Dad, I will stay late today but don’t worry, I will be home before you go to bed.”

My dad asked with a concerned look, “What? Late? Why? What if your husband calls?”

My husband? I was tempted to say, “Dad, this is 2017, not 1017,” but I bit my tongue and said, “He knows where I’m going.”

Waste of time! No amount of discussion can convince my dad to change his mind. I just have to obey what he’s saying. And my mom warned me not to disobey him unless I wanted to have a one-hour-lecture. So, during those few days that I stayed in Addis, I made sure that I got home before 6pm and I am glad I did.

You know why? He is my dad and I want to honor and respect him. As long as I stay in his house, I have to abide in his rules.

The Bible says this regarding adult children, “Honor your father and mother,” and the one way we honor our parents is to live according to their principles if we decide to live in their house.

It is no blessing to live in our parents’ house and disregard our parents’ rules and principles. The Bible actually says this way: “Honor your father and mother”—which is the first commandment with a promise— “so that it may go well with you and that you may enjoy long life on the earth.”” (Ephesians 6:2-3)

This means, if we choose not to honor them, life may not go well with us.

So, those of you who are older than 18 and are still living with your parents, for your own goodness sake, honor your parents by living according to their rules and principles. Yeah, it can be a bit frustrating at times, especially when they treat you like a baby even after you turn 18, but always remind yourself this: Honoring your parents is the only commandment of God that, if it is obeyed, comes with a guaranteed promise (a blissful future). ///

P. S. Yeah, forgot to add this: Yesterday was my dad’s birthday and he turned 85. I always mix up his exact age and today he confirmed it over the phone saying, “I’m now 85 year and one day old.” Love him very much! Happy Birthday my dad!