Timeless Message!

For those who can’t understand Amharic, all I’m saying is this:

We’re not created to do life by ourselves. We can’t live healthy and we can’t fight our battles alone and live in victory. We simply can’t! We need others. Loneliness is the number of culprit for staying in porn addiction and all other forms addictions. So, don’t do life alone.

Find people who are seeking God with a pure heart and join their group. Open up to them, tell them what you’re going through; what you’re struggling with. Make them your accountable partners so they can hold you responsible and accountable for your life.

I did that once in my life (was not easy at all) and I stayed with believers ever since. Through time, I began experiencing victory over many of my long-standing struggles; especially in the sexual area of my life.

May God help us all do life with others because victory is a far-fetched thing to a lone-ranger! ///