What Do I think?


A4P Guest: “Missy, what do you think of this?”

A4P: What do I think of this video clip? I think I like it!

First, hands down! Lacrae is my favorite rapper. He is an awesome singer. He sings his life. He doesn’t present a show even if it looks like it when he takes the stage; but he is presenting his testimony while he is jumping up and down; and his dance suits him, his culture and his whole personality. I like him very much and these young men are singing Lacrae’s song; so I like them.

Second, I think I like the way they try to copy Lacrae’s dance. I just wish they sang their life’s testimonies, like Lacrae, for the glory of Jesus. But they are pretty young and they may not have that much interesting life testimony yet. So, I leave them alone on that one.

Third, dark room and colorful lights and people jumping up and down – Errr!

I asked someone why they make the room dark during worship time; and this was the response I got: “We want young people to have freedom to worship God. Since they are very conscious of their friends’ presence, they won’t worship God as they would like to unless the room is dark.”

I literally can write a book about that response; but let me say this succinctly:

I personally want to disciple a group of young people who feel comfortable and free to worship Jesus anywhere and everywhere; the Jesus who died on the cross for their sin, hanging on the tree naked while everybody was watching him.

And at the same time, I want the young people to have fun. Many people think that having fun is against the word of God. Are you kidding me! No, I personally think that having fun is a very Christian like character.

Recognizing generational gaps, we have to let young people have fun, letting them jump up and down and dance if they would like to; but we have to make sure that we teach them how to know, love and fear God.

That is why I wholeheartedly believe that young and vibrant people of God have to be mentored and shepherded by seasoned married adult people; people who have good marriages and good names among believers.

The new norm in churches today is this: The adults congregation is led by adults and old people; the young congregation is led by their peers.

Why? I am not really sure. ///