Feeling Optimistic

Yes, I’m very optimistic as I read this book.

You see, sometimes I feel like I am speaking Japanese and my husband is speaking Russian.

For instance, on the most gorgeous day, I say to my husband, “Hey, Baby, today is a nice day. What is on your mind?”

His answer is, “Nothing is on my mind.”

My reaction to that is, I run upstairs and lock myself in my bedroom for the whole day because I feel so unloved.

You see, I was expecting him to say, “I’m thinking of going to downtown DC and enjoy the day with my lovely wife.”

Forget it! His brain doesn’t work that way.

So, reading books like the one you see in the picture help me to understand my husband better and teach me how to speak to his brain directly saying, “Hey Baby, it is gorgeous out there and I want to enjoy the day with you in downtown DC. Take me there please.”

Yes, he understands that clearly. He doesn’t understand all those manipulative and indirect kind of talks because his brain is not wired for them.

Anyways, if you are a wife of one man, or will be in the future, get this book and take a good look at your man’s brain. You may even want take a long vacation in there since it is very interesting and fascinating place to be. Believe me! ///