When I opened my Google account this morning to check on the Appeal for Purity channel, I noticed a logo that read: “Her voice is my voice” –
“And I believe that you can do whatever you want whenever you want” is the message you hear when you click the logo.
Who is saying that?

A little girl who seems to be well mentored by the media!
The little girl seems to be ready to do whatever she wants, whenever she wants, which may very well include sleeping with women or men or any other creatures or with all of them at the same time, whenever and wherever she wants to. And if she gets pregnant, she is determined to kill her baby whenever and wherever she wants to.
And for this movement to get attention from the White House, many decided to stay home today, and most schools are shut down.
So, my high schoolers are home today.
I mean, believe me; I am glad that my kids (a young lady, Lydia, and a young man, Abel) are home with me today. It is a good opportunity for me to teach them once again about what it means to be a noble woman and an honorable man according to the word of God.
Both Lydia and Abel need to know about this truth. Lydia needs to know that she is created in God’s own image for a purpose that is much bigger and higher than anything in this life so that she doesn’t let anyone see her as less than that. And Abel needs to know why God created a woman so that he understands that he is the man and that he is not a woman, and that only one woman is given to him by God to love, treasure, and die for as she becomes his only suitable companion for life in marriage. The rest of the women he, the honorable man of God, sees and meets are people he has to hold in high respect and esteem with absolute purity and holiness as it is written in 1 Timothy 5:2.
So, I am writing this note to you, parents, and especially to you mothers:
Take your time and teach your kids what it means to be a human being created in the image of God; what it means to be a man and a woman; a husband and a wife and a father and a mother. Don’t think that your kids’ health or biology teachers or the youth pastor will teach them these things.
You see, our kids are given to us, parents, by God; they are not given to the government or to the school system, and not even to the church, but to you and me. Our children are the future leaders of this great nation. Our kids are now under our care and God expects us to teach them the principles embedded in His Word. If we do not, we make ourselves look foolish as we sit back and expect our children to teach our grandchildren the morals we’ve never instilled in them in the first place.
Hey, by the way, “HER VOICE IS NOT MY VOICE!”
I am actually up against any voice that tells me to be and act like something else than an honorable human being, the daughter of God. ///