Cute Interview

This beautiful couple you see, Gezi and Seble, gave a beautiful interview at the first marriage seminar Appeal for Purity has hosted. It was held last Saturday, Feb 18 at the Sheraton Silver Spring Hotel.

I didn’t see this interview until this morning and I want to share it with you because I love it very much! This couple’s message is short and straightforward: When we have healthy marriages, we will have healthy churches; our cities will be healthy and the whole world will be healthy. (BTW, Gezi and Seble are in the International Ethiopian Evangelical Church (IEEC) worship team.
As you watch the interview, please notice how everybody was dressed up for the occasion! My! When I stood on the stage in the morning, I wanted to cry with joy! I’m not kidding! I was very happy to see them all look that sharp, handsome gentlemen and beautiful, cute and lovely girls!
And also notice how cheerful and fun-filled the crowd was in the background. It was a day of fun and fellowship among married couples who desire to see their marriage reach its God bestowed full potential.
What a joy and an honor for me to be part of such a gathering! I’m telling you, I’m so looking forward to the next seminar! Only God knows when that day is going to be. ///