Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hooray! I love this holiday! I really do!
Have I ever told you that my husband proposed to me on this day? Yes, he did! I guess you can read about it. I’m sure it is somewhere on this page.

But you know what I still vividly remember about that night; the night my now-husband, then-boyfriend proposed to me?
Well, I was expecting him to pop the ring out and kneel down the moment he saw me in that evening; instead he sat down and began to enjoy the candle light dinner. I mean, without us ordering, my favorite chocolate cake came at the end. The server was acting weird, I mean, in a good way. He was super nice! He checked on us five hundred times. So, I was like, “Yes! He is thinking about it; the waiter seems to know about it too. So, he is going to kneel down at any moment now!”
Nope! We ate the cake and paid our bill and left. Yeah, I remember, my heart was beating too fast with excitement and fear.
Yes, fear! Think about it. What if he didn’t propose to me and changed his mind to pursue me?
Are you crazy? I can’t imagine my life without him being in it. He is the man I was madly in love with and I’m now deeply drowning in love beyond recovery. So, yeah, I was scared to lose him.
Well, listen to this:
So, for the last 20 years, my Valentine, my husband, has managed to surprise me with chocolate, a big “You’re my Valentine” balloon and red roses on this Day and this morning, he forgot about it.
Can you believe this? Yes, he did. Imagine, literally, I mean, literally, everything talks about Valentine’s Day today. Unless someone purposely parks his brain somewhere else, he can’t forget about it living on this planet. If you drive one yard away from our home, you can see a big flower sell on the side road. Open your laptop; there it is, flashing at your eyes. So, you can’t forget it.
Needless to say that my husband was living on a different planet.
I, on the other hand, who always live on this planet, when I saw my husband staring at his laptop, I said, “Bravo! Google will remind him,” and I left to drop my little one to school.
Then behold, my only daughter, Lydia, as Berhan told me after the fact, said to him, “Dad, what are you waiting for? It is Valentine’s Day! Before mom gets here, go and get her Valentine’s gift fast.”
She let him off the hook! Can you just imagine me the whole day, contemplating how I can run away from this family because my 20-year-long-marriage-partner forgot me on Valentine’s Day? Yes, it could have been disastrous!
My daughter saved the day!
Don’t you love people like Lydia? I do; my husband does too! He not only loves Lydia but he is also thrilled that she is in his life. Well, sometimes their father and daughter attachment gets a bit too much for me and I step in and say, “Hey, this man is married! Stay away from him!”
Happy Valentine’s Day to you all!
If you are not a fan of Valentine’s Day, happy Tuesday to you!
Bringing the argument of whether it is biblical to celebrate Valentine’s Day or not ruins the day. So, just agree to disagree and enjoy your Tuesday! ///