“I love Tango dance? What else do you love?”

There was some commotion on this page on Monday because of the post, “It Takes Two To Tango.”
Some people were irritated by my statement of “Have you ever seen a tango dance/performance? It is just beautiful, isn’t it?” and asked “I love tango dance? What else do you love?”
And all those people who have expressed their grief over that statement are from Ethiopia and none of them seemed to care about the main topic, which was marriage.

Made me wonder a lot!
Some people have tried to post a link to show to others how tango had been used to promote illicit sex and lust.
It is bizarre, to say the least.
I mean, different ways of looking at things makes a community of people mentally, emotionally and spiritually rich, not poor. And if we challenge others’ views that are different from us broadens our insights about life; of course as long as we do it in a respectful manner.
Sadly enough, we’ve banned few people last Monday from this page because they couldn’t communicate their views in a respectful manner.
Why couldn’t they?
No clue!
So, today I want to take few minutes to say few words:
I appreciate all of you very much for liking this page! I don’t take any of your likes, shares and comments for granted. May God bless you!
But let me say this respectfully: Even if you liked this page, it is good to always remember that you and I are different people.
However hard I try, I can’t be you; can I? The same to you.
Of course, we may have some common similarities here and there, such as believing in the Lord Jesus Christ, but you and I are not a mirror reflection of each other’s image, especially when it comes to how we process information and interpret our surroundings.
Aren’t you happy that we are not the same? If we were, this world would have been the most boring place to be.
If you accept and appreciate our differences, you can have a good and interesting ride on this page; otherwise I may disappoint you again and again as I continue to unpack many life issues candidly, and in the process, telling you what I passionately love or hate.
I have no plan to fabricate anything so you stay on this page. God forbid for me to do that.
I strive to make honesty and openness the mark of this page. If you are good with that, I promise you, your stay on this page will be a worthwhile one.
Do you know why I said that in full confidence? Because I know that the God I serve is always with me, not because I said so; but because I read His promises in the Bible such as this one:
“Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.” (Deuteronomy 31:6) ///