Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all! Yes, happy 2017!

2016! What a year! I don’t know about you, but for me, 2016 has been the most memorable one!

If you ask me to tell you only one spiritual lesson I take away from 2016, I will say this:

I learned that asking God to let me grow spiritually can be a very risky and painful prayer if God chooses to answer it with a “Yes”.

It is not easy to grow. It hurts! And when I whine and complain through the process, or have some uncalled for attitude, regardless of what God is doing in my life, guess what God usually chooses to do?

To put me back into grade zero. Ouch! Yes, back to zero! Very painful! If I compare it to graduating, it’s like finding myself in the same class I already attended and passed years ago.

But let me tell you something. My prayer for this year is this: LORD, let me grow.

At least I now know what I’m asking. I just don’t know if I am ready for it, but I want to grow either way. It is okay if God keeps on putting me back into that boring “preparatory class” every now and then; but I’d rather be on the path of growing than a path of “stale, lifeless and dryness;” a lifestyle that tends to say, “I know Jesus, I know God and I know the Holy Spirit. Is there anything else for me to know?”

Who can fully know Jesus Christ! Who can understand God’s way! Who can fathom the wonderful work of Holy Spirit!

Oh, no, even if it hurts me, I better keep on asking Him to let me grow in knowing and fearing Him!

What about you?

What would be your number one prayer for 2017? ///