Did Faith Change Its Meaning In 2016?

When you read the book of Hebrews chapter 11, a chapter known as “the Hall of Faith,” you’ll meet many heroes of faith.

And, when you read what these heroes of faith had accomplished in their lives, nowhere will you read, “Then they believed and their life became heaven on earth” or, “They believed and they received health, wealth, a car, a jet, an airplane, and many other things from God.”

Rather, it says they believed and their faith brought salvation to many; as they were willing to die at the hands of tyrants, many were brought back to life. The work their faith produced brought suffering to them, salvation to the lost, and glory and praise to God.

Now, the faith teaching I keep on hearing is this: Just believe and you will be wealthy and healthy; all your loans will be paid off; somebody will give you a brand new car and you will win a lottery jackpot; somebody will send you a check; God will come into your life and zap your marriage and your marriage will be a bliss; and so on and so forth.

What is going on? Did faith change its meaning in 2016? Or, am I missing something from my Bible? I am not usually concerned about people who are teaching this heresy, but about those who are sitting and listening to them.

Why do people listen to this kind of foolishness, to a kind of message which makes its hearers spiritually lazy, lousy, deaf and blind?

If we know what the word of God says, we won’t give our precious ears to anyone who is preaching his dreams and fantasies. If we know what the Bible says, we won’t waste our precious times sitting and listening to a person who claims to be anointed by God to make us and our children spiritually vibrant.

Why don’t people ask difficult questions such as: “Okay, this man told me that I can be healthy and wealthy but it seems like he is the only one who is getting richer every day; but not me. Why?”

But if they ask this kind of question, the preacher will say to their face: “I have faith, you have none.”

This is crazy! ///